Who We Are

Powertech Pollution Controls Pvt Ltd was established in the year 1996 , for the design and manufacture of a wide range of air pollution control equipment , specifically Electrostatic Filters, for the capture and control of most types of fumes , mist , smoke and fine dust , generated on the shop floor , during the production process. Electrostatic filters are marketed under the brand ® name of Fumekiller and Dustkiller throughout India and abroad.

These systems are highly efficient (90% to 98%), use 40% less power, have very low maintenance,use permanent , many times re-usable filter media ,and can capture particulates down to 0.01micron level (theoretical limit of 2-stage electrostatic filtration), and are ideal for the capture of fumes, smoke,oil/coolant mist and fine powders with the additional advantage of possible reuse of the collected oil/coolant or powder. These Filters may also be used for Clean Room applications of upto Class 1,00,000, and as efficient prefilters for higher class of Clean Rooms (where the life of expensive terminal HEPA filters can be extended by about 3 times).

These are typically used for the capture of fumes , smoke ,mist and fine dust from welding , CNC , quenching , hardening , heat treatment ,annealing , soldering , tinning , diesel gensets , curing ,boilers , furnaces , etc.

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