fume extractor manufacturers

Fume Extractor Manufacturers

Powertech Pollution Controls is the leading Fume Extractor Manufacturers. Our Fume Extractor marketed under the Fumekillerâ„¢ brand name are available in a wide range of suction capacities starting from 250 cu mtrs per hour (CMH) to 8000 cu mtrs per hour (CMH) as standard. These work on the principle of electrostatic filtration and can control fumes, smoke and microscopic dust. One large capacity equipment may be used for multiple machines for the capture and control of fumes, dust and smoke. This product is extensively used for removal of fumes, mist, smoke, fine powder, etc, from specific generating sources such as:

  • CNC and non-CNC m/cs
  • Electro-discharge m/cs
  • Induction hardening
  • TIG/ MIG welding
  • Soldering
  • Dip tinning
  • Diesel genset exhaust
  • Furnace Exhaust
  • Spark erosion m/cs
  • Die-casting fumes Centralised fume extractors can be supplied upto 1,00,000 CMH suction capacity in modular form

Being the leading Fume Extractor Manufacturers. These Fume Extractor can be fitted with self-balanced extractor arms of various lengths for added flexibility in capture of fumes from generating sources. Our Fume Extractor products are very easy to use and effective as they are made using latest technology.